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Feb 2009:  No more Elections Dept! After holidays and visitors and sending my resume out for two months straight, I finally landed an "office" (construction trailer) job in an industrial complex near Kapolei. I am a one-person office, doing every kind of paperwork except Accts. Payable for 50 or so guys who get dirty doing heavy-duty directional boring and pipe welding. My boss comes twice a week, I am paid twice what my last job paid, and I get to wear jeans and t-shirts to work. Not the job location from heaven, but it does have its perks and I am grateful for the work!

July 2008:   No more vet clinic - I've taken a temp job with the City/County of Honolulu's Elections Department. Toward the end of the year I'll find another adventure. I'm looking for a hidey-hole in the middle of downtown Honolulu so I can reduce my commute time (currently 3-4 hours out of my day) and seriously explore the nooks and crannies of the city. Many things on my "wait list"!

Feb 2008:   I've accepted a job as vet-tech-in-training at Animal CARE Foundation in Hawaii Kai, at the opposite end of the island from Makaha...

Sep 2007:   From Monterey to Makaha in one easy flight. I find myself now living at the "end of the road" on the northwest side of O'ahu...Write any time, my friends. Better yet, send some snail-mail so I have something besides junkmail at the post office (P.O. Box 629, Waianae, HI 96792)
    - Anna

Commuting via TheBoat
On the island of Oahu are almost a million people, and they like their cars. Every day the highways are crammed with commuters, and the buses do their best to move large amounts of people between these commuters. TheBus runs the transit buses (of course), and has put into operation TheBoat, which takes people to and from the south and west ends of the island several times a day. For $2 I can jump on a bus (often standing-room-only through stop-and-go-traffic, stopping every few blocks), or TheBoat (inside or outside seating for all, wi-fi, snack bar, air conditioned inside). For $2, every tourist should get this view of the skyline of Honolulu, very often with rainbows in the backdrop! Sept 2008
Hike to Ka'ena Point
6-7 mile drive northward, 2-3 mile hike, and you find Ka'ena Pt. and a protected nesting ground for the Laysan Albatross. There are babies this time of year! Oct 2007

Honolulu Advertiser...go ahead, check the surf!

Traditions of O'ahu: Stories of an Ancient Island...this land has some history!

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