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First thing to note about any braid which lies flat on a table is that the braiding on one end seems "right" while the other end is upside down. Don't let this confuse you. You can flip your braid over from time to time to work each end so it is "rightside up" and more comfortable to braid. (Also, please ignore the dark dots...they are the pins holding my sample braid to the cardboard backing).
The two braid ends have now been put together so the open edges are facing downward. The safety pin secures the braid ends in the correct position. Note that there is an overlap of at least 4 sets of loops.
In this sample braid there are three of the same color strands, whereas your braid might have more than one color. This instruction is done in a single color to reinforce the important aspect of this butting technique - but if you are using three different colors, you'll see that your own safety pin should cross two of the same color loops; this is only common sense, since you will want to splice like colors to each other so you get an uninterrupted color pattern in your final braid.

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