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The safety pin is holding the braid ends from shifting, as well as marking a set of loops. I've put in some colored pins just to show you three more sets of corresponding loops. We've got four sets of loops marked. Think of each set as "twin sisters".
If we were to cut off the strands where you see the pin heads, it is logical to see that the black-pin strand would be longer than the green-pin one, which in turn would be longer than the red-pin strand. If we did the same thing, except in reverse, to the other end of our braid, we would have the red strand being the longest, green the middle length, and black the shortest strand from that end of the braid.
We could then sew our "short end" black to our long end black, our short end red to our long end red, and our middle length green to our other middle length green. We would be able to sew our corresponding lengths to each other and join the two braid ends into one.
You may see this now, or it may be a clear as mud, but hang in there - you'll see it soon enough...

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