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BACK... Here are our "twin sisters" again without the colored pins marking them. See how 1a corresponds to 1b, 2a to 2b,etc.
Looking at one pair of the twins, 1a and 1b, notice where 1a disappears into 2a, at the top red-headed pin, then notice where 1b comes out below 2b, at the bottom red-headed pin. (The green lines are drawn in to show you better where the pin shafts are). If we cut off 1a where she disappears and 1b where she shows up (leaving a little extra for seam allowance), we can sew them together to make them "one". Bring those sisters together!
We would then bring together 2a and 2b, and unite 3a and 3b - so that we'll have all three of our braid strands sewn together for our butt. One happy family. If you study the photo a bit, you'll see how this works. If it's still fuzzy logic to you, hang in there! and keep reading...

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