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Now we have three sets of pins to mark where we want to cut our twin sisters. The red pin in the "back braid" corresponds to the red pin in the "front braid", green to green and black to black. These pins mark where each loop will be cut and sewn to her partner.
If you don't like sticking pins in to mark points on your braid, you can just snip little holes into the strands, as in the photo at the right.
And for those of you who want to think in tri-color, we now introduce the same thing going on with three differently colored strands. In this braid, notice that the safety pin holds the green loops together so the braid ends don't shift, and instead of putting pins into the loops to mark the cutting places, there are "snips" cut into the strands. If you use the "snip" method, make sure your little cuts are big enough so they doesn't "felt up" and close during handling!

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