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Choose one end of your braid - it doesn't matter which one you start with. Open up and lay out your strands so they are RIGHT SIDE UP and you can see the pins. You'll probably notice that all your pins are in the same slanted direction. This is how you'll cut off your strands, in a slant, just like most braiders sew their strips together on the bias. All six of your strands will be cut at this same angle
Remember that one of your braid ends comes to you "upside down", so you must turn these strands "rightside up" before you cut them at the same angle as those at the other end of your braid. You can leave a seam allowance by cutting that amount under the pins.
In the photos on the right, you can see the snip in the braid strand, and when you cut those strips, you'll cut them all at a slight angle, right through your snip. Remember to make sure all braid strands are opened up and "rightside up" before cutting, so that all six of your strands will be cut at the same angle when looking down from the top of all the strips.
When your "upside down" end of your braid is turned back around and meets your other end, the two sets of angles will nest together. Another note about the angle of the cut: don't make this too sharp an angle, less than 45 degrees will do.

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