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Arrange your braid so it is "flat" on the table, with the one end "right side up" and the other end "upside down" (the next page shows a photo of this). Start with either side of the braid - it doesn't matter which one. Leave it down there on the table :>) Remove the pins. Carefully and gently unbraid one strand at a time until you have either a "long medium short" (LMS) or "short medium long" (SML) pattern...whichever you get to first - you shouldn't have to undo more than two strands to reach this pattern.
You'll do this with the other side of the braid as well.
In the photo on the left you will see that the center strand was unbraided over to the left, then the "new" center was unbraided over to the right - creating the "long medium short" pattern you see in the right hand photo. The "unbraiding" was done so as not to pick up the braid or stretch the strands when braiding them. We want to keep their cut relative lengths in tact.

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