BUTTING A BRAID - Introduction

(rather, "SPLICING", as true "butting" is the stitching together of blunt tube ends, a different and easier technique)

(1) If you were watching someone show this technique, and listening to their explanations at the same time, the combination of these two senses togther would make it MUCH easier, and faster, to gain understanding of what is being shown. But putting all this in writing, and reading it, takes more time. Patience, patience. Go ahead and read it all.

(2) The braids you see in these pages are separate from a rug, but to do the butting process you can also have your row of braid laced to your rug already with the ends loose and overlapping slightly - just make sure your lacing can be undone a little if you need more "working room" around the butted part of your braid.

(3) Many before me have taught this technique of butting; I did not make it up. It's been in print with slight variations since the early 1960's (possibly before), so no one braider has made up this technique in the recent braiding world. I merely add my two cents here by posting these photos and my own words of explanation.

(4) I was first taught a method in which one places safety pins in various places across the braids to mark specific and important loops in the process. After seeing the "safety pin method" fail from time to time for no apparant reason, I studied the process until I understood it better, and now I don't need the pins. Don't read me wrong, many braiders successfully use the safety pin method which is taught by many experts in the braiding world, and you, too, may prefer those pin markers, but I don't use them here (and quite frankly, can't remember where the pins go anymore...).

(5) I honestly am not yet sure that there is a difference in the butting process if one is right-handed or left-handed, braids with openings to the right or openings to the left, is lacing clockwise or counterclockwise, or marks the place where they will cut off their strips from the closed side or from the open side of the braid tubes. So far I haven't seen this - I see that a braid is a braid is a braid, and if you take the time to understand how the braid is put together and how two braid ends are spliced together, you can pick up any braid, upside down or backwards, and butt it. Perhaps I am too optimistic? As a note, I am right-handed and braid with my openings to the right. I welcome any comments in this topic, as I have not tried every variation, although the ones I've tried have worked!

(6) The best way to learn to successfully butt a braid in the future without instructions in front of you every time is to do this half a dozen times in a row. It will "click" for you and you'll speed through every future butted braid like it's "nothing" :>)

(7) This method has worked for me, and for my students, but I know that nothing is foolproof. We all learn differently, and this method may not be as effective for you as some other methods currently in print. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me if something is not clear, or you just want to try something different.

(8) Enough chat...Let's give it a try!     - Anna         Click HERE to get started...


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